Q & A about SRA-ANZ

Who can join SRA-ANZ:
If you are a Glass Artist, living in Australia or New Zealand, you may apply for membership. Our committee will review your application and advise you accordingly.


Who can use the SRA-ANZ logo:
All Glass Artists approved for membership may use the logo on their personal web sites and online auction templates. However, you must only use the logo when you are selling your own work, for example, if you are selling your own lampwork beads, use the logo. Do Not use the logo to sell/supply Czech/Indian/Chinese/Etc beads. Any questions, Contact Us.


How do you get the Logo?
With your successful application - we will send the logo with YOUR membership number assigned. This maybe be used on your website, auctions, etc.


How to join
Click Here!
We will contact you shortly thereafter with your membership number or, if necessary, request additional information.

Benefits of joining:
Use of the SRA-ANZ logo on your website, auction templates, etc. Listing on the online Registry Network with glass artists throughout Australia and New Zealand. Permission to link to the SRA-ANZ registry (for membership verification) When you use “SRA-ANZ” in auction titles, customers can find your listings more easily (especially useful when listing “off-shore“)


Any fees?
At this time there are no fees associated with SRA-ANZ membership, however this may change in future as expenses and workload increase proportionate to membership growth.We will make every effort to keep costs minimal.
Donations are always appreciated and helpful.


Reporting suspected abuse of Logo usage:
How is the registry protected from false claims of membership? If you suspect someone is improperly using the SRA-ANZ logo, please email us. Our committee will look into it straight away. SRA-ANZ is committed to supporting only Self Representing Artists working in Australia and New Zealand.



This project is still in its infancy, more benefits are planned including advertising of the SRA-ANZ registry project.

SRA-produced ~ vs ~ mass-produced glass art & beads?

Mass produced glass items are often made in countries where the standards for the work environment represent a serious health hazard for the maker, and a wage that keeps the makers in dire poverty.


These items are then shipped to resellers, usually whilst still containing a clay type substance (ie: bead release) which presents the buyer with nuisance dust and an inhalation hazard. This also reflects poorly on finished items made with these beads as the wearer often is left to deal with the dust on skin and clothing.


Mass produced items are inferior in that they are usually not annealed (a process of heating and cooling the glass to strengthen and stabilize it) which means the glass will remain brittle & easily breakable.


Mass produced glass beads are often not properly formed, leaving rough edges around the bead hole - which can cut through your stringing material.


With no personal reputation at stake, there is little incentive for a re-seller to make any effort in quality control of mass-produced beads and other glass art.


The SRA-ANZ Glass Beadmaker Project accepts donations for purposes of:

1. Covering Project Expenses.
2. Advertising in order to educate our clients and customers on topics of concern to Self-representing Glass Bead Artists.
3. Other expenses as deemed neccesary for continued growth and survival.

Please be aware that you DO NOT have to make a donation to be listed in this Registry.

By Popular demand - we now have several ways
to make donations in support of the AGBG/SRA-ANZ.

Donations can be made via Bank
Transfer, Direct Deposit or Money Order.
~ OR ~
If you prefer - Beads, Lampwork Supplies or other items may be donated
for fundraising.
Please inquire for further details.

email to: admin@aussiebeadmakers.com

for your support!