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Who are the SRA-ANZ?

SRA-ANZ is the registry of a collective of Self-Representing Artists who use Glass as their main media, working in Australia and New Zealand. Our logo is your assurance that you are supporting an Australian or New Zealand Glass Artist, and not a reseller of mass-produced product from any where else in the world.


Self-Representing Artists take pride in their work and have spent considerable time learning and perfecting our craft. We create in our private studios, stake our personal reputation on the quality of our work, and constantly strive to provide you with unique and innovative designs. Our Beads are properly Kiln annealed for strength, stability and resilience.


We encourage you to explore this website and the Artists listed herein. Click to visit our individual websites and auctions, see our studios, learn a little about us and our Art!

Mission Statement

One of our greatest challenges is finding equitable ways to bring our Art to the marketplace, to the people who wish to own it. Educating the buying public in the finer points of quality and uniqueness of our work, so they can appreciate more fully it's intrinsic, aesthetic and timeless value.

SRA-ANZ is being developed with several goals in mind. Among them are:

  1. Promoting public awareness that SRA-produced work is superior to that of mass-produced imports.
  2. Promoting global awareness of the world-class artists in glass currently working in our region.
  3. Linking all glass artists in Australia and New Zealand to resources that provide support for their work & increase their knowledge.
  4. Assist emerging artists in glass through education and networking.

We have many plans for the future to further these concepts as we grow.


Look for the SRA-ANZ logo & be assured you’re buying quality work!


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Annealing - what it is and why it should be done!


The SRA-ANZ Glass Beadmaker Project accepts donations for purposes of:

1. Covering Project Expenses.
2. Advertising in order to educate our clients and customers on topics of concern to Self-representing Glass Bead Artists.
3. Other expenses as deemed neccesary for continued growth and survival.

Please be aware that you DO NOT have to make a donation to be listed in this Registry.

By Popular demand - we now have several ways
to make donations in support of the AGBG/SRA-ANZ.

Donations can be made via Bank
Transfer, Direct Deposit or Money Order.
~ OR ~
If you prefer - Beads, Lampwork Supplies or other items may be donated
for fundraising.
Please inquire for further details.

email to:

for your support!

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Support your local Beadmaker, support ART Glass Beads!

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