SRA-made ~ vs ~ mass-produced glass art & beads:
Why buy from local Artists?


Self-Representing Artists take pride in their work and have spent considerable time learning and perfecting our craft. We create in our private studios, stake our personal reputation on the quality of our work, and constantly strive to provide you with unique and innovative designs.


SRA-made Glass Beads are clean and properly Kiln annealed for strength, stability and resilience.

Mass produced glass items are often made in countries where the standards for the

work environment represent a serious health hazard for the maker, and quite often

at a wage that keeps the makers in dire poverty.

These items are then shipped to resellers, usually whilst still containing a clay type substance

(ie: bead release) which presents the buyer with nuisance dust and an inhalation hazard. This also reflects poorly on finished items made with these beads as the wearer often is left to deal with the dust on skin and clothing.

Mass produced items are inferior in that they are usually not annealed (a process of heating

and cooling the glass to strengthen and stabilize it) which means

the glass will remain brittle & easily breakable.

Mass produced glass beads are often made with daily quotas as first priority so often are not properly shaped, leaving rough edges around the bead hole - which can cut through your stringing material.

With no personal reputation at stake, there is little incentive for a re-seller of mass-produced beads to make any effort in quality control or to be in any way accountable for the integrity of their product.


When you buy from SRA-ANZ Artists, you are not only supporting your local economy, but
you are also helping to fight unethical exploitation!